In 2003 Jay was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and in 2008 we made the "Mellow Groovers" golf tournament about Prostate Cancer and sold out with over 130 golfers. 


In 2010 Jay Moody, known for living life to the fullest, lost his battle with cancer, and the first annual Jay Moody Memorial Golf Tournament was born.


Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, only second to lung cancer as 1 in 8 men are diagnosed with it. This tournament is about spreading awareness, raising funds, truly understanding the benefits of early detection while celebrating the life of Jay Moody.

1 in 8....let us say it again...ONE in EIGHT men get prostate cancer.  According to the, last updated March of 2017.  You cannot be there for your significant others (and/or children) if you don't focus on yourself.  Case in point, one participant got his PSA checked post tournament (a simple blood test) and found out he had early stage prostate cancer - he now has a clean bill of health.


Sign up today to play one of America's most beautiful courses, learn more about how easy it is to test your prostate health and help us SPREAD the WORD!  This is an event you don't want to miss (and we don't want you to either).

For those that knew Jay Moody, you saw his courageous battle with Prostate Cancer.  Jay actually initiated the first annual "Mellow Groover: Golf, Bike, and Hike event" during Sugarloaf Homecoming weekend back in 2000 with less than 20 golfers.

"You can Never have too Many Friends." - Jay Moody